The Consequences Of Cannabis


Most people start smoking marijuana while they are in high school and some while in junior high. There are at least two types of users that I am aware of. The first one is a person who is dependent on the drug and becomes addicted over time. The other type, despite being a frequent user, does not lose control and is able to stop using it without much difficulty.

When you start using marijuana, you have no way of knowing if you will become addicted to it or not. And this can make your life very complicated. Many people think that marijuana is a “soft” drug. They feel it is not addictive and it can’t harm you. Obviously this is not true.

A friend of mine told me that most of his friends were smoking marijuana when he was in high school. And some of them were admitted to professional schools such as medicine and law school later on. They were able to stop using it in time and move forward with their lives. On the other hand, some of his friends are still smoking marijuana even today and can’t kick the habit.

Sandy started smoking grass in her late 20’s. This is something that wasn’t very common at the time (people generally start at a younger age). She would only smoke when she was on vacation with her friends, which was fairly often…… Her friends would tease her that she was away on vacation more often than she was working at her job…….

When I asked her if she enjoyed smoking marijuana, Sandy said she didn’t like it at all. So I asked her then why the hell are you smoking it? Her answer was that she wanted to be part of the group. She felt she had to participate and do what everyone else was doing. She added that not only did she not enjoy using it, it also made her feel sick 😦 😦

However, for over 20 years, Jessica was smoking grass. It helped her deal with life’s challenges. It made her feel good when she smoked. Jessica suffered from low self esteem and suffered from bullying as well. Unfortunately, children can be nasty and she was ostracized by her classmates when she was a child. She came from a working class family who did not always have money to spend on new clothes for her. Therefore, she would wear hand me down clothes that were worn by her older sister.

When she was almost 15, she smoked her first joint with her childhood friend who convinced her to try it. It was love at first sight. Suddenly she felt happy, as though she didn’t have a care in the world. She would laugh for no reason and everything that was bothering her magically seemed trivial.

Jessica started smoking only occasionally. She went through a very hard time when she was in the middle of final exams. She even thought of leaving school and dropping out. But then her friend told her she should smoke some marijuana before taking a test and this will relax her. She took his advice.  Mind you, her grades weren’t so high but they were high enough to pass the courses.

After she finished high school Jessica decided to take some time off before she went to university. She went to Thailand and met a guy named Derek, who would later become her husband. The two of them travelled all over the country together. He was a very happy person who was always smiling and fun to be around. He was also smoking marijuana everyday.

At the beginning, it didn’t bother her. But as the relationship became more serious, she asked him to cut back on his smoking and he did it, at least around her. Still, from time to time he would invite friends over to visit and they would smoke in the living room. Jessica didn’t like this as they had a small apartment and the smoke stayed there for hours after they left.

It felt as though they lived in a chimney. While Jessica was smoking maybe once a week, Derek would start smoking the minute he opened his eyes, before he went to work, when he returned from work, and before he went to sleep. It seemed that the man couldn’t do anything without smoking a joint first.

Anyway, Jessica got pregnant approximately a year after they got married. She decided to immediately stop smoking completely, because she was afraid it would harm the baby. The two of them moved to a bigger apartment and she asked him not to smoke in the apartment at all. Obviously, he didn’t like it but he agreed to her request.

After a while he started smoking on the balcony. Derek returned   to his old habits in the winter and was smoking in the apartment once again. As a result, they began arguing nonstop. Jessica thought he should get professional help to reduce his smoking before the baby was born. He promised her a numbers of times he would do it but never acted on it.

After the baby was born she saw he didn’t want to do anything about his addiction. Jessica didn’t want the baby to be exposed to the smoke. She wanted to start a clean page but Derek wasn’t on the same page as her. By the way, she said that he became a different person every time he tried to cut back on his drug use. He became moody, impatient, and had a bad temper.

A few months after Jessica left him, Derek got into a very bad car accident where one of his best friends was killed. Derek was driving at the time. The police said that everyone in the car was high on drugs and drunk. Derek and all of his friends were badly injured and he spent months in rehab.

In conclusion, if you are a moderate marijuana user, it’s probably enjoyable and may not have a huge impact on your life. However, like everything else, if you overdo it, you have to take into account it can bring about unintended negative consequences. The bottom line is this. If you can’t control yourself, don’t start with marijuana in the first place……….

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