Eating Disorders – Part – 1 Fiction


Renee was always chubby and was comfortable with her weight until she was approximately 14 years old. Her mother, who was a nutritionist, didn’t like her daughter’s diet. She and her husband would gently try to talk to her about her eating habits. They would mention she was eating too much junk food but she couldn’t care less. Renee loved sweet stuff and would hide it in her room and secretly eat when no one could see it.

However, the change began when she fell in love with a boy in her class who didn’t really pay attention to her. Then Renee decided to lose weight and stopped eating junk food. She started exercising and asked her mother to suggest a menu for her, which she gladly did. And it worked, the results were not long in coming.

Regardless, the boy still didn’t pay attention to her. So Renee decided to work harder to lose even more weight. She became obsessive about working out and how she looked. She would skip meals and could speak nonstop about her diet and exercising. At some point she didn’t have many friends because they were sick and tired of hearing about her obsessions.

Renee lost a significant amount of weight and this drew her parent’s attention to the possibility that she may have an eating problem. As a result, they took her to a local eating disorders clinic. The therapist who was called Martha, told them that Renee has a problem but it can be resolved at this stage.

Martha had a successful treatment plan. She gave her patients speeches and pep talks. She also showed them videos of people struggling with severe cases of anorexia or bulemia. The videos were graphic and did not pull any punches.

In addition, she would take the teenagers whose conditions were not too severe to the clinic specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and would give them a tour. This way they would be exposed to the suffering and misery of those young people who were hospitalized. They would typically leave the clinic at the end of the tour in a state of shock.

Without painting a rosy picture, Martha would tell them exactly what would happen if they didn’t change their ways. She described her approach as shock therapy. She hoped that her patients would be so profoundly shaken by what they saw that they would do whatever was necessary to change their behavior and get better.

Martha’s treatment methods resulted in 70% of her patients returning to good health. She would do whatever it took to help them go back to a normal life. Although Martha’s collegues didn’t like her methods and considered them too cruel, she showed them that her results spoke for themselves.

Renee was lucky to be enrolled in Martha’s program as she had a 2nd chance to change her eating habits before it was too late. Renee had to struggle to keep her weight down, still she managed to do so with her mother’s support without having to take any drastic steps. Over the years Renee gained and lost weight all the time. Whenever she had a social event like a wedding or a party to go to, she would lose weight to fit into the smallest dress size possible. In short, her weight was always an issue.

Nevertheless, after she finished high school, she studied nursing at university. She was quite popular at school and dated a lot of guys. But somehow, she felt that most of them were interested in her because she had a full figure and not because of the person she was. Sometimes the men she dated would tell her she needed to lose a little weight. She would end the relationship the minute her weigh became an issue.

Anyway, Renee finished her studies with very high grades. The first interview she went on was at Mt. Sinai hospital in Toronto. She started working there a few days later. Renee was a hard worker and her supervisors liked her a lot. While working at the hospital, she found a few other people who struggled with their weight, just as she did. They would attend Weight Watchers meetings together and would also go for long walks outdoors. Renee finally found other people she could relate to.

She was without a boyfriend for a long time when she met Scotty. Scotty was divorced without any children. And right from the start he made it clear he would not get married again. He never wanted to speak about his ex-wife, but he acknowledged that their divorce was very traumatic for him. Anyway, Scotty loved Renee as she was. He never brought up the topic of her weight, which was a refreshing change.

Scotty was a sous chef when they met and was a great cook. He was very talented and Renee couldn’t resist any of his dishes. Therefore, she stopped attending Weight Watchers meetings as she couldn’t be bothered……..

To Be Continued……………….

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