Eating Disorders – Part – 3 Fiction


Scotty was hurt by Renee. He felt miserable after the separation from who he thought was his best friend. He had difficulty concentrating at work in the days following their split. Therefore, he asked to take two weeks vacation to think about what his next steps would be.

Scotty’s parents have a summer home near Georgian Bay. He decided to spend some time there alone and clear his mind. All day long he sat next to the water and reflected on the times he and Renee had together. He remembered the support she gave him when he worked those countless hours at the restaurant, even though his long hours at work took him away from their quality time together.

Renee knew how much he loved what he was doing and never complained. He thought that maybe he is partly to blame for her looking for love elsewhere. He called her when he returned to Toronto and told her they needed to meet. He said he missed her and wanted them to get back together. He added that after being together for so many years, they needed to give their relationship another try.

He said to Renee that it doesn’t matter who the father is, he would raise the child as his own. Renee couldn’t believe her ears, as he was being such a gentleman. However, Scotty had one request. He wanted her to keep the issue of paternity just between the two of them. Obviously, she agreed as this was the least she could do for him.

A few months later, Renee gave birth to a baby girl and named her Romi. The baby was beautiful with big dimples. Renee didn’t need to do a paternity test on her daughter as she was certain who the father was. However, she had Scotty tested anyway and the results clearly indicated that he wasn’t the father.

Scotty treated Romi as if she was his own daughter. He loved her and spoiled her. Later on, Renee and Scotty had 2 boys together, but they never got married. From a beautiful baby, Romi grew up to be a beautiful young girl. People would stare at her in the street and modelling agencies would speak with Renee and offer modelling contracts to her daughter.

Nevertheless, Renee wouldn’t allow her daughter to become a model under any circumstances. She wouldn’t accept any of the offers presented to her. Romi was an excellent student who always set very high goals for herself. Her mother had a plan for her and she wanted her to be a doctor. Renee was afraid if she accepted one of the modelling offers modeling it would interfere with her studies.

At first, Romi agreed with her mother. She didn’t think that modelling was for her. But then one day when she was 15, she got an offer from one of the larger companies in Toronto. She was offered a lot of money even though she had no experience. Romi decided to accept the offer. She felt she could become a model and also continue with her studies. The thought of being famous greatly appealed to her.

It wasn’t easy to convince her mother but Renee knew that her daughter was very smart as well as a good student and was certain she could handle both roles. In addition, the amount of money Romi was offered was very difficult for her to turn down.

Renee also thought this was an opportunity for Romi to save some money and set it aside for medical school tuition.  She would be able to pay for her tuition from her work as a model in a very short period of time. The one person who really didn’t like the idea was her father. He felt that this type of work was very difficult.

He worked in one of the top restaurants in Toronto and met many famous entertainers. He met several models as well, who would ask him to cater their private parties. They would talk with him about their work and the business they were in. As a result, he knew about all the challenges his daughter would face once she would start working as a model.

Scotty didn’t want her to deal with the shady characters, the relentless pressure, and the temptations of drugs and alcohol. But, in the end, his wife and daughter managed to convince him everything would be OK. Romi told him that she’d quit if she felt she couldn’t handle the work. She signed a contract with the company and became its face. She received dozens of offers overnight and so Renee decided Romi needed an agent to handle the business part of her career.

Romi became a very popular model. She travelled all over the world to do photoshoots. She was able to successfully combine her school work with modelling. When she was almost 17, she received an invitation to audition for one of the largest clothing designers in Paris. She was told that if she was accepted, she would have to move to Paris for several months.

Romi was extremely excited about the audition. She flew to Paris accompanied by her mother and her agent as this could become a very big client who was offering a multi-year contract. The client was very impressed by Romi, as she was not only extremely beautiful but was also very smart and a pleasure to work with.

The client told her he definitely wanted her to be their representative but he had one condition before he formally offered her the job. She needed to lose a little weight……..


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