Eating Disorders – Part – 4 Fiction


Romi was caught off guard and wasn’t prepared to hear that. Her agent and her mother were also surprised as they both thought she looked perfect. Renee didn’t think her daughter needed to lose any weight. She was also certain Romi would have another opportunity with a different company. Renee believed that anyone who wanted her to represent their company would accept her the way she is.

However, Romi really wanted to accept this job because the client was one of the top fashion designers in the world. In addition, she was fascinated by the opportunity of living in Paris for four months during her summer break. Thus, she was willing to do whatever it took to get this job. Besides, she thought it would be a piece of cake for her to lose a few pounds. But it wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. She couldn’t cut back on eating the foods she liked and she also didn’t like exercising.

Romi lacked self discipline when it came to exercising. Even though she had an excellent personal trainer, she was unable to stick to a regular exercise schedule. Just when she thought she would give up on the modeling job in Paris, one of her model friends told her she had a suggestion for her.

Brandy said there was a way she could eat and then go to the bathroom, put her finger down her throat, and throw up. Another method would be to take a pill for constipation. She assured Romi that all of the other models are using either one method or the other.

Romi was terrified by what Brandy told her. She had never done anything like this before. But Brandy told her this was only temporary and she could always go back to her old routine. Romi tried to throw up a few times but it didn’t go well. Then one day it was her father’s birthday, and the family went to a restaurant to celebrate.

There were so many tempting dishes on the menu and Romi overdid it and ate too much. Her stomach was full to the brim and Romi didn’t feel well. Suddenly a light went off in her head and she remembered what Brandy suggested. She excused herself and went to the bathroom. Once inside she leaned over a sink, put her finger down her throat, and threw up immediately.

Romi succeeded in losing weight faster than she thought she would. She was very pleased she got the job in Paris. As she was a minor, her mother did not want to send her to Paris by herself. She asked her niece Chloe to go to Paris with her daughter. Chloe had just finished university and was ready for a break. She was happy to get the opportunity to travel for free and immediately agreed.

When they arrived in Paris and Romi started working, Chloe didn’t have much to do. However, she was a very outgoing person, who met a lot of people and developed a large group of friends. She quickly had a very busy social life and didn’t pay much attention to what her cousin Romi was doing.

She would go out almost every night and wouldn’t return until the sun came up the next morning. Romi was sleeping when Chloe came home and when Romi came home, Chloe was out partying. One day Chloe took Romi with her to introduce her to her friends. One of them pulled Chloe aside and whispered in her ear that her cousin was too thin and looked anorexic. Chloe dismissed him and said all the models looked this way.

Anyway, even though Romi was underweight, she used laxatives and diet aids to help keep her weight down. Because she lost a significant amount of weight, she suffered from dizziness, mood disorders, and was always tired. Over time Chloe noticed that Romi also experienced mood swings. Some days she was personable and outgoing, while on others she was unapproachable and had a bad temper.

In addition, Chloe also heard her throw up in the bathroom on two separate occasions. The first time this happened, she asked Romi what was going on, and she told her she ate some food that was spoiled. But the second time she heard her vomiting, Chloe knew that something was wrong. She thought that maybe her younger cousin was pregnant. But then she remembered she never saw Romi going out on dates with any men. In fact, Romi only socialized with her model girlfriends.

Chloe wanted to take Romi to see a doctor. But Romi didn’t think she had a problem and was against the idea. Then Chloe told Romi she booked a doctor’s appointment for her. She added that if she didn’t agree to keep the appointment, she would call her parents and tell them they needed to come to Paris and look after their daughter. The last thing Romi wanted was for her parents to be in the picture. If her parents came to Paris, they would force her to stop modelling, leave Paris and return to Toronto with them immediately.

Romi went to a pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test. She showed Chloe the results of the test, which were negative. Romi assured her cousin she never had a sexual relationship with anyone. But this didn’t change anything for Chloe and she insisted Romi see a doctor as she was sure she had a problem………….

To Be Continued……….


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