Eating Disorders – Part – 5 Fiction


Romi agreed to go see a doctor because the other alternatives were worse. She was afraid Chloe would call her parents who would show up in Paris in no time.

The doctor was very nice and approachable. He asked Romi about her eating habits and he also asked if she was pleased with her appearance. Her answer didn’t surprise him as she said she would be happier if she could lose a little weight. Once he heard this, the doctor knew exactly who he was dealing with. He then checked her height and weight and sent her for blood tests.

The doctor told Chloe that Romi is suffering from an eating disorder. He said it is treatable but she needs to do something about it right now. He added that Romi needs to be referred to a psychologist who specializes in treating people who have eating disorders.

He told Romi there is no time to waste as if she continues losing weight, she could die. Romi was in shock after hearing what the doctor had to say. She was unwilling to acknowledge that she had an eating problem or any problem at all. Chloe said she had no choice but to contact her parents in Toronto as she can’t take responsibility if something was to happen to her.

Romi begged her not to say anything to her parents. She promised to eat properly and take the vitamins the doctor gave her. But deep inside she knew she wouldn’t gain any weight. However, she would try to maintain her current weight in a different way. Romi stopped vomiting but kept taking laxatives and skipped meals when Chloe wasn’t around.

In addition, she would walk outside for hours until one day her strength gave out and she collapsed in the street. Romi was immediately rushed to the hospital. Her parents came from Canada and were shocked by how skinny she was and what the doctors in the hospital told them. Scotty was furious with Chloe as she didn’t look after his daughter. And was upset with Renee because he didn’t want Romi to be a model in the first place.

For the 1st time in her life, Renee was told that an eating disorder can be genetic. One of the doctors told them that Romi needed specialized treatment. He said that their daughter is suffering from a variety of disorders and needed help right away. It goes without saying that Romi couldn’t complete her contract with the clothing company. She returned to Toronto and was hospitalized in a local eating disorder treatment center.

At first, she was placed on anti depressant medication which didn’t work. So the doctor had to change her medication a few times. Romi was in and out of the treatment center several times. In between, she went to an eating disorder clinic for nutritional advice and counseling. She also had one on one sessions with a psychiatrist along with group therapy sessions. It didn’t matter how much weight she lost, Romi always thought she was fat and would weigh herself every day.

Her eating disorder consumed her life. She isolated herself and stopped attending university. At some point, her periods stopped and due to the fact that she vomited so much, she was also diagnosed with a ruptured esophagus.

By this point in her life, Romi had no friends left except Elizabeth, who she met during one of her hospitalizations in the eating disorder center. Elizabeth was an only child and meant the world to her parents. Her condition was very serious and she couldn’t even walk. Thus, she needed a wheelchair to get around.

Elizabeth suffered from anorexia since she was 12 years old. She starved herself for years, which caused irreversible damage to her body. Romi and Elizabeth had a lot in common and became good friends. They were both miserable. But while Elizabeth completely gave up on life, Romi was in denial most of the time. She did not think she could die from her actions.

However, when Romi was 20 years old, she suffered a heart attack. She was rushed to Mt. Sinai hospital. The doctor who took care of her was none other than her biological father Shawn…. Renee was surprised to see him after not seeing him for so long.

Apparently, he returned to Canada a few years before. Shawn had two sons. The oldest was 2 years older than Romi and the youngest was 15. His heart went out to Romi the second he saw her and decided to put in his maximum effort to help her. He told Renee there is an excellent eating disorder hospital in LA, which has a high rate of success in treating particularly difficult cases.

He added that it was a very expensive hospital and that he was willing to pay for her treatment……but he told Renee that Romi must want to get better and therefore must cooperate with the health care professionals who would be treating her. If not, the treatments will not work and it will be a colossal waste of time and money………..

To Be Continued…………

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