Eating Disorders – Part – 6 Fiction


Scotty was furious when he heard that Shawn was willing to pay for Romi’s treatment. He said that under no circumstances would he accept Shawn paying anything. Scotty had always loved Romi as if she were his own biological daughter. And he wouldn’t tolerate anyone interfering with his family. He called Shawn an arrogant ass and told Renee that if Shawn dared to make an offer like that again, Scotty would find him at the hospital and punch him in the face.

Scotty felt very uncomfortable that Shawn was back in the picture. He was worried that Romi would develop a close relationship with him, but at his expense. He was also afraid that Shawn would reveal that he was her biological father and not Scotty.

Scotty didn’t say anything about it but Renee knew him very well and guessed exactly what her husband was thinking. She assured him that Romi loved and adored him and would never choose Shawn over him. Besides, she said that Shawn was a coward back when she told him she was pregnant, and he is a coward now. He wouldn’t say anything to Romi.

Nevertheless, when Romi was hospitalized, Elizabeth’s condition deteriorated and she died. The death of her friend shook her to her core and she could not stop crying for days. This was the moment she understood that if she wanted to stay alive, she needed to cooperate with the professionals trying to help her.

So when her parents told her about the hospital in LA, she immediately agreed to get help there. At first, she actually said she would do whatever she was asked to by the staff. Her parents were delighted with her new attitude and decided that Scotty would escort her to LA. He has a sister there who invited him to stay with her for as long as he needed.

Renee and Scotty agreed that when Romi’s condition improves, they would tell her the truth about her biological father. They felt they had hidden the truth from her for too long and it was time for her to be told.

Romi went to LA with her father and was admitted to the eating disorders hospital the same day. She stayed there for approximately 2 months and received intensive treatments from psychologists along with anti-depressant medication as well as group therapy sessions.

She was extremely motivated to succeed. Her stay in the hospital was extremely expensive but she was lucky as her grandparents on both sides of her family contributed to help pay the bills. Romi made excellent progress during the treatment process, which was mainly due to her change of attitude and her strong desire to be healthy again.

As a result, after 7 weeks her doctor felt she could return to Toronto and continue her therapy there. The doctors believed that she didn’t need to be hospitalized but she needed to continue taking the anti-depressants and persevere with the psychological treatment program as an outpatient.

Before Romi and her father returned to Toronto, he took her on a trip just the two of them, which was something they had never done before. They really enjoyed themselves and God knows they really needed this vacation. With his wife’s encouragement, Scotty told Romi that he wasn’t her biological father. He apologized that he and her mother didn’t tell her long before. He said that Renee thought she should have been told when she was a young child. But he was afraid of losing her and decided to avoid having this conversation whenever the topic came up.

Scotty said to Romi that he loved her from the minute she was born. It didn’t matter to him that she wasn’t his flesh and blood. He added he never stopped loving her even though she caused them a lot of pain. He told her about the romance her mother had with Shawn. He blamed himself for neglecting Renee as he spent too much time at work and not enough with her.

He admitted that Renee needed love and attention and he simply wasn’t there for her. Thus she looked for it elsewhere and eventually found what she was looking for. Romi sat silently and listened intently to everything Scotty said. She surprised him with her response when he finished speaking. She jumped out of her chair, gave him a big hug and covered him in kisses, and wouldn’t let go. She said she couldn’t have asked for a better father.

Romi said that she wanted to focus on her recovery now and would like to return to university too. She added that maybe one day she would decide to contact her biological father but this wasn’t her priority right now. Romi returned to university while still undergoing treatment.

She started cooking and baking in her spare time which were things she had never done before. And to her surprise, she found them both to be quite enjoyable, particularly baking. This was like a form of therapy for her. Therefore, she decided that after she finished her Bachelor’s degree, she would study the culinary arts.

Romi wished to work with her father who had a local restaurant. It didn’t matter how much he tried to talk her out of this by telling her it was very hard work, spending countless hours on one’s feet. However, she wouldn’t be deterred from her goal and went for it as she felt an intense passion for it. Fortunately, Romi completely recovered from her illness and began to work with her father. In addition, she attended group therapy sessions twice a week to make sure she stayed on the path of good health…………

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