The Price Of Love – Part – 2 Fiction


Guy’s friends decided to take the bull by the horns. They tried introducing him to single women they knew and found an original way to do It. They would send the women to meet with him to get financial advice in the hopes they would develop a personal connection.

Guy wasn’t very happy with it at first as he felt his friends were interfering with his personal life. But they were determined to persist with their plan until he gave up and started dating again. But unfortunately, no serious relationships came from their efforts. However, all of this changed when his children encouraged him to remarry. They told him this is what their mother would want. Although they were young, they understood he wasn’t doing enough to start a new relationship let alone maintain one.

Nevertheless, Guy would run early every morning in the park near his house. He would take Ritchie the dog with him and they would run together. In fact, he would go running with Lisa every morning before she got sick. This was their quality time together. They would talk about their plans for the future, and what was going on at work among other things without any interruptions.

Guy and Ritchie, would meet other people out with their dogs after they finished running. Ritchie would play with the dogs, and Guy would chat with the owners. One day after Guy finished his run, he went to meet his buddies and he saw a lady he hadn’t seen before with a beautiful husky. At first glance, she looked a little like Lisa. When she started talking, she sounded a bit like her too.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Then he noticed she had an English accent. He was stunned for a moment and caught himself staring at her. Then he felt embarrassed and shifted his vision elsewhere. The woman saw what happened, started laughing and slowly walked towards him. He apologized and said, “I’m sorry, you remind me of someone. She said “don’t worry about it” and introduced herself saying “I’m Lucy.” At the same time, Ritchie was also staring at Lucy’s beautiful dog.

The two of them started chatting and Lucy said she was a physiotherapist. She said she moved to Toronto from London England after she married a Canadian man. She suddenly had a sad look on her face and added that her husband had unexpectedly become quite ill and recently passed away. However, she decided to stay in Toronto after his death.

Guy didn’t want to speak about his personal life but he could relate to her story about losing her husband. He quietly mentioned he was a widower and had 2 children. Lucy said she had none. Guy liked her but thought that she gave him too much information too quickly and he felt awkward.

He didn’t ask for her phone number when they said goodbye but she said “maybe we could go for a coffee one day.” He smiled and said “maybe we will,” not wanting to commit to it. He then tugged on Ritchie’s leash and had to pull him away from Lucy’s dog. When she saw this, Lucy said “what a smart dog. He recognizes a good thing when he sees it and doesn’t want to let it get away from him.”

Guy couldn’t stop thinking about Lucy all day. Something in her fascinated him, yet he couldn’t put his finger on it. She was a pretty lady and looked like a strong person which he really liked. On the other hand, he thought she was a bit too pushy. A few days later Guy met Lucy in the park again. This time she behaved as though they were old friends and gave him a kiss on the cheek which embarrassed him.

Later on, they went out for a drink and Lucy invited him over for dinner at her house. When Lucy gave him her address, he knew exactly where it was. The Bridal Path was one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Guy was stunned when he arrived there by both the size of the house and how beautiful it was. It was designed by the most accomplished designer in Toronto. The house was spotless and there was nothing out of place. Guy felt uncomfortable even touching something because he was afraid he might damage it.

Since Lucy said she worked as a physiotherapist, he assumed she inherited the house from someone. Lucy told him her husband was a professor at a nearby university. He was curious how she could afford a house that size. Still, he didn’t have the courage to ask her about it.

After they had a drink, Lucy escorted him to the dining room and dinner was served by two members of the staff working in the house. They were young ladies who looked like models and barely spoke English. Guy really had a good time that evening and he couldn’t remember the last time he enjoyed himself so much……

To Be Continued……………


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