The Price Of Love – Part – 3 Fiction


Guy and Lucy started dating and quickly became a couple. Lucy would invite his children over to her house and would spoil them with small presents each time she saw them. She had a great rapport with them, especially with Emma. Emma would call her and ask for her opinion on all kinds of topics. Lucy became not just a trusted advisor or confidant, but also her best friend.

Despite the fact that Lucy and Guy were dating for a year, they did not live together. This was because Guy kept postponing it. Although Lisa was gone for a long time, Guy was reluctant to take this next step as he couldn’t let go of her. In addition, deep down inside he also enjoyed the freedom he had and was used to it. Even though Guy and Lucy were a couple, each of them had their own friends and their separate lives. There were days they did not see each other and Guy liked it that way. They gave each other the space they needed and it worked beautifully. 

Lucy had her own physiotherapy clinic and was a very busy person. She would get a lot of phone calls even during the evenings when she was at home. She had a manager named Alfred who ran the clinic for her and would regularly call her at home. Lucy would tell Guy that Alfred is very dedicated to his job and she wouldn’t be able to manage without him.

Alfred didn’t have much of a personal life as his life revolved around his work at the clinic. He and Lucy were friends and he would come to her house quite often. Guy thought Alfred was a weird person. He never saw him smile and couldn’t understand how Lucy could be friends with him.

Anyway, before Guy’s kids went away to college, they tried to convince him to move forward with the relationship with Lucy. They wanted him to ask Lucy to move in with him as they didn’t want him to stay alone. At first, he declined to do anything. He confidently stated he enjoys his private time and added that couples can spend time apart as well. But then he saw they wouldn’t give up on their agenda, he decided to go for it and ask Lucy to move in with him.

However, he didn’t think that she would ever part with the castle she lived in and move out. He was caught off guard when she accepted his offer. She said she would also keep her house as she has many memories there. She and her husband both had offices in the house and she wanted to keep them as they were. In addition, she has staff that lives there and she doesn’t want to uproot them. Guy was impressed by her sensitivity and kindness towards her employees.

The chemistry between the two of them was wonderful and Lucy treated Guy’s children as if they were her own. She would often go to her house and sometimes spent the night there. Guy never asked her why she did that. He thought it was because she was working late at night and didn’t want to disturb him.

Lucy had no friends at all except Alfred, which surprised Guy. She also didn’t like to join him when he socialized with his friends, even though she was a friendly, outgoing person. And if one of his friends came to visit, Lucy would always find a reason not to be at home. Lucy and Guy had very few pictures of the two of them together. The reason is that Lucy didn’t like to have her picture taken, as she felt she wasn’t photogenic. As a result, you could count the pictures of the two of them together on one hand.

Furthermore, Guy had a childhood friend named Don who was a naughty boy. He was divorced three times. He liked women, especially young ones. He would constantly flirt with them even when he was married. He would also have relationships with other women too. Thus his marriages didn’t last for more than a few years each.

Don was a businessman and traveled extensively across Canada and around the world. He liked to invite female escorts to his hotel room when he was traveling. He would tell his friends it was exciting to be with a different woman every time. It was clear that he was a man who was addicted to sex.

After Guy lost his wife, Don tried to convince him to follow in his footsteps. He told him it was fun and he wouldn’t have any obligation to any woman. But Guy was disgusted by the idea. As much as he liked Don, he didn’t want to hear anything about it.

Anyway, Don moved to LA after his first wife who was an American decided to move back to the US and took their children with her. Don has two children, a boy and a girl who he adored and couldn’t bear the thought of being apart from them. He would occasionally come to visit family and friends in Toronto and would always get together with Guy when he was in town……

To Be Continued………………


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