The Price Of Love – Part – 4 Fiction


Don was very happy for Guy when he heard he was dating Lucy. The more he heard about her the more anxious he was to meet her, as she had changed his friend’s life for the better. Guy sounded cheerful every time they spoke. There was no sign of the gloomy and miserable person Guy once was, which was really incredible. He kept telling Don how happy Lucy made him and he was thinking of proposing to her soon.

Anyway, when Don’s father suddenly got sick he came to Toronto for a visit. Guy didn’t know even he was in the city when he received a phone call from him. He said he was in his neighbourhood and wanted to drop by. Guy was by himself and was happy for some company.

When Don walked in the door he thought he would finally meet the woman who made his friend so happy. But Lucy wasn’t at home and wasn’t expected to be there anytime soon. The old friends caught up with each other. Every time Guy mentioned Lucy he had a twinkle in his eyes. He was deeply in love with her.

Don asked Guy if he had a picture of her. Guy went to the bedroom and brought a framed photo of both of them from a vacation in Paris. Don looked at the photo and froze. He immediately recognized the lady in the picture. Guy described the trip in glowing terms, but Don was miles away. And then Guy mentioned that Lucy’s birthday was coming up this weekend and he was going to propose to her.

Don almost dropped the picture and said he had to go visit his father in the hospital and left the house. Don drove around aimlessly, as he did not know what to do with himself. Under different circumstances, he would consult with his father Eddie like he used to before he got sick. But Eddie underwent surgery a few days before and was still in intensive care.

Anyhow, after driving for approximately two hours, Don decided to go and see his father. When he got there his sister was sitting next to him. She was reading a book while Eddie was sleeping. She was surprised when she noticed her brother as he stayed with their father for several hours earlier that day. Eddie was lucky as he had a very devoted family. His wife and three children hardly left his bedside since he was hospitalized. They were sitting beside him in shifts.

However, Don told his sister she could leave and he would stay with their father. A few minutes after Don arrived, Eddie opened his eyes. He looked at his son who looked preoccupied, and whispered “what’s wrong?” Don answered that everything was OK. But Eddie gave him a look he used to give him when he was a child which meant you can’t fool me….. After Don left the hospital, he knew exactly what he needed to do……

Don called Guy the next day and told him he needed to speak with him about something very important. He told him to come over to his parent’s house as there was no one there and they needed some privacy. Guy was sure he was going through a hard time and needed someone to talk to and agreed to meet with him.

After Guy’s arrival, they sat for a few minutes without speaking. Don felt uncomfortable as he knew the minute he would start talking, he would drop a bomb on him. He couldn’t even look Guy in the eye. Then he told Guy that he knew Lucy. Guy said OK, why didn’t you say so earlier? Don was silent for a moment, and then he said you wouldn’t be happy to hear under what circumstances we met. He told Guy he met her a few years ago while on a business trip to Vancouver.

He called an escort service to have a woman meet him in his hotel room and she was the one that was sent………. She introduced herself as Lola. Don said this happened more than once. Guy turned pale while his friend was talking. He wanted to say something but the words never left his mouth. He composed himself and said you must be mistaken, it has to be someone else. But then he remembered that his friend had an excellent memory and if he said this is what happened, it had to be true.

After a few moments, he shouted at Don “Damn you. Of all the women you had to hook up with, it had to be her?!” Don explained to him that this happened a long time ago. He said that the last thing he wanted was to hurt him, but he had to tell him. Don said maybe she needed to earn money at the time and this was the only way she could do it. He added that she told him she came to Canada to look for her father who left her and her mother when she was a little girl.

Don mentioned that Lucy/Lola told him she had a sister in Canada too. Nevertheless, when Guy left Don’s parent’s house his heart was broken. He was so angry that he didn’t know what to do with his anger. Guy didn’t say anything to Lucy at first because he wanted to think about it and he did not want to say anything he might regret later. After a while when he thought he was ready to put his cards on the table he didn’t know how to approach her and discuss it…….


To Be Continued…………



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