The Price Of Love – Part – 6 Fiction


When Don heard that Guy was in trouble he decided to visit him. He really wanted to be there for him. Thus, one day he just showed up at his door without calling first as he was afraid that Guy wouldn’t talk to him.

Guy wasn’t surprised to see him when he opened the door. He let him in and escorted him to the living room. Don couldn’t help but notice the mess inside the house. There was stuff lying around all over the floor and it looked like Guy hadn’t put anything away since the police conducted their raid. And this wasn’t like Guy, who was always neat and organized. Anyway, the two friends sat quietly for a few minutes. Don glanced at Guy who appeared as though he aged a lot in a short period of time.

Guy patiently waited for his friend to say “I told you so.” But Don didn’t say anything. When he finally started talking, he expressed his sorrow over what Guy was going through and asked if there was anything he could do for him. He added that he was there to support him. Guy told him that the police were still holding onto his computers. They claimed they hadn’t finished checking them and as a result, he couldn’t work. Likewise, several of his clients left him after the incident was exposed. Although his name was never publically mentioned, some of his clients knew who he was dating. If that wasn’t enough, he couldn’t leave his house without someone looking at him as if he was to blame.

Don mentioned he read in the newspaper that a man named Alfred was arrested in connection with the case. He added that Alfred was the contact person who was responsible for sending the escorts to meet with clients in Vancouver many years ago……..

Don continued and said he was sorry he didn’t mention this during their conversation a few weeks ago, but it had slipped his mind. He was sure this piece of information would have turned on a light in Guy’s head, who would have immediately understood that Lucy was still involved in some sleazy business. This would have sparked his curiosity to dig deeper and find out why Alfred was still a part of Lucy’s life.

If Guy had this information he likely would have concluded he needed to end the relationship, which would have spared him from a lot of heartache…… Guy was intently looking at Don while he was speaking, but didn’t say anything. He looked tired and miserable.

A few minutes later, Guy said he had to know what happened. How was it possible that all the love Lucy showered on him and his children was fake?! She gave him so much during their time together. Guy had a hard time understanding that the gentle woman he loved took part in the heinous act of exploiting women. He was thinking about his own children, and how much they loved her, especially his daughter. He knew that her heart was broken after she found out what Lucy was accused of.

Don suggested that after the police clear Guy’s name, he should go visit Alfred in prison as he knows Lucy better than anyone. This way he might get some answers about the woman to whom he proposed. Guy looked at his friend as if he lost his mind…… why would he go visit that scumbag? He thought the man was a very unpleasant person. He never saw him smiling and wondered how Lucy could tolerate him.

The police returned Guy’s computers approximately a month after they seized them. They also came to the conclusion that he had nothing to do with the trafficking of women. They finally realized that Guy had no idea what his fiance was up to. In fact, they were pretty sure he was being taken advantage of.

But this was too little, too late. Guy’s reputation was already badly damaged. His business collapsed as he lost most of his clients. Guy was forced to use his savings since he had no source of income. The police had basically ruined his life. He even thought of selling his house and buying a condo as he desperately wanted to leave all of his bad memories behind him.

However, Guy got cold feet the minute the real estate agent started bringing people to see his house. He realized he could not proceed with the sale. He had a few long time customers left who stayed with him and believed he was innocent right from the start. They also knew he was a brilliant financial advisor and did not want to give up on his services. Therefore, they promised they would help him rebuild his business.

Michael’s, Guy’s lawyer, sued the police on his behalf for the destruction of his reputation and livelihood. The police wanted to make a deal with Guy and settle out of court, but Michael declined their offer. They went to trial and won the case big time. As a result, Guy and his children would not have to worry about their future…………

To Be Continued……………


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