The Price Of Love – Part – 7 Fiction


Approximately one year after this affair was exposed, Alfred was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his part in the operation. The police still had no clue where Lucy was, although they suspected she might be in South America. Lucy planned her escape ahead of time. She withdrew almost all of her money from the bank, so she had a lot of cash at her disposal. She could live comfortably for the rest of her life with that kind of money, especially if she lived in an inexpensive country.

Guy’s curiosity about Lucy only grew over time as she was a total mystery to him. He felt their meeting was not by coincidence and he couldn’t get this idea out of his head. Therefore, he took Don’s advice and decided to visit Alfred in jail. Many people were upset at the sentence Alfred received at his trial as they felt it was too lenient. But this was because the public wasn’t aware of many facts of the case.

Anyway, Alfred refused to meet Guy at first. Apparently, he didn’t like Guy and the feeling was mutual. However, he relented after a while and agreed to meet him. Alfred had no living relatives and no one came to visit him in jail. After giving some thought to Guy’s request, he agreed to meet with him. Yet he wouldn’t go through with it unless Guy agreed to bring him his favorite books. In addition, he wanted Guy to promise to continue doing so on a regular basis.

When Guy arrived at the prison and finally saw Alfred, the feeling he had was mainly pity and not disgust. Alfred looked gaunt and tired. The minute he saw Guy, he said he never had anything to do with trafficking women, and he was being used as a scapegoat because the police couldn’t get their hands on Lucy. Guy just rolled his eyes and didn’t say anything. He wanted to hear about Lucy and find out who she really was.

Alfred told him that Lucy grew up with her mother. Her father left them when she was 5 years old. They were poor and Lucy’s mother could barely support the two of them. In addition, she had almost no friends except Sergey, who immigrated from Eastern Europe with his family when he was 10 years old. He and his brother grew up with their mother and grandmother. Sergey and his family were also living in dire financial circumstances.

His father left them and returned to their homeland as he could not integrate into the new country. Sergey was a difficult child and was a handful for his mother to deal with. He was constantly getting into trouble at school and was caught a number of times by the police for petty theft. He and Lucy were good friends and got along very well together.

Nevertheless, despite the financial hardships Lucy managed to finish high school. She worked at a number of casual jobs to buy clothes and accessories for herself. However, she struggled to pay the tuition fees for university which were very high. Lucy always had a dream to be rich one day. This was her goal.

One day while looking for a job in a newspaper, she saw an advertisement asking for attractive young women to escort businessmen. They were offering a high salary plus bonuses. She decided to answer the ad, thinking she would do this for a while, save up to pay for university, and also help out her mother financially.

Lucy was told at the interview that the job would require her to escort businessmen to meetings and events. It might also involve having a consensual relationship with them, but this was her decision and was not mandatory. Lucy balked at the suggestion at first. But the employer told her that if she consented to have an intimate relationship with a client, it would come with a generous tip for the booking.

Lucy accepted the job offer and would try it out for a while. She felt she could always quit if it wasn’t right for her. She quickly realized that if she wanted to achieve her financial goals, she had to accept the total package. The difference in pay between simply escorting men vs. the extra sums she could make by being intimate with them was simply too large to turn down.

Lucy earned more money in a short period of time than she could ever have imagined. She had enough saved to pay for university tuition, buy a new car for both her and her mother, and live in an expensive condominium. In short, her life made a 180 degree turn. She had a few regular clients who repeatedly requested her company, which was very profitable for her.

Lucy studied physiotherapy at university and earned a master’s degree. She even worked in the field for a while, but the salary she earned didn’t come close to what she earned working as an escort. She worked on and off as an escort to support her lifestyle.

However, Lucy’s father was a Canadian and one of her goals was to go to Canada and find him. Sergey promised her when the time comes, he would join her and they would look for him together. Thus, one day she felt the time was right and she quit both of her jobs and made plans to travel to Toronto and look for him. When she arrived she met with a private investigator and gave him what little information she had about her father.

Lucy knew she also had a half sister, and resolved to look for her as well. She decided to explore the country with Sergey while waiting for the report from the PI………

To Be Cntinued………….


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