The Price Of Love – Part – 8 Fiction


After a few weeks, the private investigator presented his finding to Lucy. Apparently, her father died of a heart attack two months before she arrived in Canada. Her father was living by himself and the police found his body after his neighbours complained there was a strong smell coming from his apartment.

However, her sister died several years before. She left behind a husband and two children. Lucy was very disappointed to hear the news as she was really anxious to meet both of them. Anyway, since Lucy liked Canada, she decided to stay in the country a bit longer. After exploring the country, she settled in Vancouver. She rented a beautiful home near the ocean. Sergey stayed with her for a while and then returned to England.

Sergey was a used car dealer as well as a loan shark and was involved in some shady business practices. He would frequently travel to Easter Europe for what could be termed “monkey business.” He made a lot of money from these deals which left him a wealthy man.

Lucy was addicted to living the good life. She spent money as though there was no tomorrow. But at some point, she needed to get a job. Since she had Canadian citizenship, she was able to legally work in the country. Still, she needed to get Canadian accreditation before she could practice as a physiotherapist.

She decided to look for a job in her field of expertise while writing the exams. She found a job at an exclusive escort service in no time. Lucy met Alfred when she started working at this service. He was responsible for sending women to their VIP customers. Alfred immigrated from England to Canada and the two of them developed a friendship within a short period of time. He worked at the company for many years and knew all of the VIP clients very well. Therefore, he would send Lucy only to their best clients.

Lucy met Rodney a few months after she started working as an escort again. He was a very wealthy businessman who was a part owner of a number of casinos in Canada and the US. Rodney paid the service a large sum of money so that Lucy would be available for him whenever he wanted to see her. He would take her with him whenever he traveled and she always enjoyed herself when they were together.

Eventually, Rodney fell in love with Lucy. He asked her to leave her job and move in with him in Toronto. He generously offered to pay all of her expenses. He told her she would have whatever she wanted for the rest of her life. Although Rondy was much older than Lucy, the age difference didn’t bother her and she agreed to live with him.

Lucy opened up a physiotherapy clinic shortly after she moved to Toronto. She employed a few therapists and was satisfied with her life for a while. But she always dreamed of being a self made millionaire. The clinic was successful still she knew she would never get rich from it. One day Sergey came to her with an offer. He suggested she open her own exclusive escort agency. He told her he could find the most beautiful women in Eastern Europe to work at the agency, and both of them could make a lot of money. He asked her to keep those details a secret because, if this information became public they could both get into a lot of trouble. Sergey knew many people in Eastern Europe. He could easily recruit women who were desperate to earn money whom he could send to Canada.

Since Lucy didn’t know anything about running an escort agency, she convinced Alfred to leave his job, move to Toronto, and help her get the business up and running. With his help and Rodney’s money, Lucy established her new escort service. At first, she hired local women to work as escorts, but later on Sergey would send young women to Toronto on student Visas. The women were indeed quite beautiful. Most of them owed Sergey money. They also came from very poor families and this was the reason they were willing to work as escorts. Some of them also had young children or ill parents and they desperately needed the money.

Sergey had contacts in the Canadian immigration system who helped make their entry go smoothly and without the usual delays. Lucy took care of all their needs when the women arrived in Canada. She treated them well and they would typically work for almost a year before returning home. They would pay their debts to Sergey and would also save money during their stay in Canada.

Nobody knew about the arrangement Lucy and Sergey had. Rodney wasn’t paying much attention as he was busy with his businesses. Unfortunately, Rodney became ill a few months after Lucy established her business. His situation deteriorated quite quickly. He was hospitalized for a while and then died.

Rodney’s children, who weren’t in touch with him for years, asked Lucy to leave their father’s house immediately after the funeral. They gave her a deadline of a few hours to evacuate the house or they threatened to take her to court………

To Be Continued……………


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