The Price Of Love – Part – 9 Fiction


Although Lucy had enough money to live wherever she wanted, she did not agree to leave the house. Rodney told her more than once that if something ever happens to him he would leave it to her. Well, the man kept his word. He bequeathed the house, and a nice sum of money to her as well. But his children, who weren’t happy with their father’s decision dragged her to court. The court ruled in her favor and this was the end of it. Lucy became a very rich woman, much more than she could have ever dreamed.

However, before Rodney died, Lucy never flew to Eastern Europe to interview the girls Sergey was sending her. Basically, she was not involved in their selection at all. But after he passed away, she decided to go overseas and personally select them. After all, she had a lot of experience in the field and knew the type of women who were suitable for the job.

Every time Lucy went away, she told Alfred she was flying to London to visit her mother. Alfred, who at first didn’t ask any questions, began to be suspicious when he saw the number of girls who arrived from Eastern Europe. At some point, he demanded to know what was going on and why most of the girls were coming from overseas. But Lucy waved him off every time he asked. Therefore, he attempted to extract some information from the ladies, yet they wouldn’t reveal anything to him. Alfred was afraid Lucy was involved in something illegal which would get him in trouble with the police. And this was unacceptable to him.

Lucy realized he was serious only after he threatened to resign. She knew she had no choice but to give him some information. Thus, she told him the girls were coming to work for her because the escort service had a good reputation. She said they knew they could earn a lot of money in a short period of time. And they could help support themselves and their families for years to come.

What she didn’t tell Alfred was that the girls owed a lot of money to loan sharks in their home countries. Working as escort girls was the only way they could repay the loans. In addition, the woman signed nondisclosure agreements before coming to Canada. They weren’t allowed to speak about their occupation with anyone other than her. Alfred took her words with a grain of salt. He personally made a lot of money working for her and didn’t want to jeopardize his job by asking too many questions.

Lucy was greedy. It didn’t matter how much money she made, it was never enough for her. The more she earned, the greedier she became. She was always looking for opportunities to hire more escorts. She decided to enlarge the house after Rodney died and add more rooms. She also resolved to bring the girls she felt were her top employees to live in her villa. They would look after the household in addition to their work as escorts.

The women were well paid and had the extra benefit of living in a luxurious house. These were things they could have only dreamed of before they came to Canada. Lucy reached her goal much faster than she thought possible. But on the other hand, she had no family and wasn’t in a relationship.

Lucy remembered that the private investigator she hired told her she had a nephew, niece, and brother-in-law living in Canada, and she wanted to meet them. She contacted the PI again and soon found out they were living close by. She asked him to follow them and get more information about their daily routines.

When the PI told her that Guy goes running every day with his dog in a nearby park, Lucy decided to approach him by going with her dog to the same park at the same time. At first, she wanted to make contact with her niece and nephew. But she liked Guy the moment she saw him. She already knew he was single and not dating anyone. Therefore, she was determined to go for it and win his heart.

Lucy never imagined she would fall in love with Guy in such a short period of time. She also adored his children. Guy was shocked to find out Lucy was Lisa’s half sister. Lisa would never have been involved in the exploitation of women.

Nevertheless, Lucy got a message from Sergey a few days before she was planning to leave Canada for Europe. He warned her she must leave the country immediately as the police suspected she is involved in the trafficking of women. Lucy always took into account that something like this could happen and she was ready for it. She was already gone when the police came to the house to arrest her. They found the foreign women in her villa and took them all into custody. They were released after a short time and returned to their home countries.

One day after returning home from his morning run, Guy had a message from Lucy on his landline asking for forgiveness. She said she loved him and his children and hoped they would find a way in their hearts to forgive her……………….


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