The Sailor’s Wife – Part – 3 Fiction


The coast guard stopped looking for Jerry a few weeks after the accident. In fact, his body was never found. For years afterward, Mary Anne and her children would celebrate his birthday. She would put an extra plate on the table on every holiday just in case Jerry would unexpectedly show up.

Jerry decided to buy some life insurance shortly after they got married as he wanted to secure his family’s future. He had to pay a high premium every month because of the risk involved with his job. However, when his wife contacted the insurance company to receive the insurance money, they refused to pay her.

They claimed that they had to investigate the case as his body had not yet been found. Her story was published in the media and she received huge support from the public. Mary Anne hired a lawyer who took the insurance company to court. The case dragged on for over a year which caused the family a lot of stress and aggravation. In the end, the judge ruled in her favor and declared Jerry legally dead. In addition, the insurance company was ordered to pay all of Mary Anne’s legal expenses.

Over the years, Mary Anne’s children got married and had their own families. All three of them lived not far from their mother and would regularly visit her. Even though she didn’t need the money, Mary Anne continued working as a teacher so she didn’t have time to think about the loss of her dear husband.

Mary Ann lost her parents a few years after Jerry’s death. Her father suddenly got sick and passed away a few months later. Then her mother went to sleep one night and didn’t wake up in the morning. They both died within a short period of time which was very difficult for her. Mary Anne’s parents were her main source of support all of the years that Jerry was away at sea, and after he went missing. They encouraged her to move on with her life and not look back. She meant the world to them from the minute she was born.

May Anne felt very lonely after her parents were gone and started to think about dating again. Nevertheless, she had a very good friend named Jackie who was divorced for many years. Jackie had a membership in an exclusive club for singles who were looking to start a new chapter in their lives. The club holds all kinds of events, such as parties, cruises, organized tours, etc. Jackie enjoyed herself so much that for years she would attend their events, but she never met anybody that she really wanted to share the rest of her life with.

From time to time, she would date someone for a few months. Usually, it led nowhere and she would go back to square one. However, after Jerry was declared legally dead, Jackie tried to persuade Mary Anne to purchase a membership in the club. She always told her she doesn’t have to date anyone if she doesn’t want to. She should come to the events and enjoy herself. But Mary Anne couldn’t do it because she still held out hope that her husband would come home one day.

After her parents died, she felt more than ready to take up Jackie’s suggestion and start attending events at the club. The first time she went there was with Jackie of course. When she entered the club she thought the place was very impressive as befits a luxury club. The men were wearing suits and ties, while the women were dressed in evening gowns.

Jackie, who realized that Mary Anne was looking around in amazement, whispered to her that all the members were carefully checked before being approved for membership. Anyway, Jackie disappeared a few minutes after they entered the club. Later on, she showed up with a gentleman on the dance floor that was quickly filling up.

Mary Anne felt awkward but not for long as a very good looking man came over and introduced himself. Mark was a real estate developer who said he had been divorced for almost 5 years and had 2 children. He was approximately 10 years younger than her and was extremely charming.

They spoke all evening and she didn’t notice the time passed by until Jackie came over to her and said she was going home and asked if she was coming with her. Although Mary Anne would have stayed longer, she felt it was enough for the first time. Before she left with Jackie, Mark told her he hoped to see her again at the next event, which was to be held the following week.

Jackie told Mary Anne on the way home that she had never seen the man before. After Mary Anne told her a little about him, Jackie laughed and said “good for you sister, it’s your first evening here and you caught a big fish.” Mary Anne felt exhilarated after she met Mark. She never felt that way before, even with Jerry who was the love of her life………

To Be Continued…………


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