The Sailor’s Wife – Part – 7 Fiction


Since the police publicized Mark/Kevin’s picture, at least 6 women posted on Facebook that they had relationships with the man who went by a different name every time. These women joined together to form a group and exchanged information with each other about the man.

They all thought that he was the best thing that ever happened to them until he disappeared. All of the women were either widowed or divorced and were well off. The women said that after Mark disappeared, they found out their credit cards were used by someone else and money was mysteriously withdrawn from their bank accounts.

Mark/Kevin was caught a few weeks later in Mexico, and then some information about him started to come out. He was married to Nancy, the daughter of Mike the owner of the real estate company. They had four children and lived in Seattle. He was born in the United States and moved to Canada with his parents and two siblings when he was four years old. His father also worked in the real estate field. He even worked in the same development company where his son was working for a while.

However, Mark’s wife knew he liked to flirt with other women and she accepted it. She loved him very much and was not willing to leave him because of that. Nancy also knew he would never leave her for another woman. Still, she didn’t know he had so many relationships with others. Her father, who was a very wealthy man, owned a few real estate development companies and one of them was in Vancouver.

Mike trusted and valued his son-in-law very much. Mark was a brilliant economist and Mike thought there was no one better than him to be the director of finance when he decided to establish his company in Canada. He offered Mark the job but only after receiving his daughter’s approval that her husband would be regularly away from home. Nancy didn’t like the idea at first but on the other hand, she knew this was a big promotion for Mark. And besides, this job in Canada was only temporary. In addition, the company offices were in Vancouver, which wasn’t too far from Seattle where they lived.

Anyway, Mark began working in Vancouver but felt a bit lonely without his family after a while. He began to socialize after work with some new friends that he met through his job. They would go out for drinks together, meet for dinner, go to a casino, etc. Mark started gambling here and there and found he really enjoyed it. He then started visiting casinos on a regular basis. At first, he won pretty often which gave him the confidence and motivation to continue gambling.

However, he soon started losing. This motivated him to go to the casinos more often and would place larger bets. He was sure if he continued gambling he would win his money back. But this didn’t happen, he lost more money than he earned. Mark earned a good living and was spending all of his salaries at the casino. At some point, he finally understood he couldn’t afford to gamble away his entire salary. Although he and his wife had separate bank accounts, they both had access to each other’s accounts and Mark didn’t want her to know how much money he was spending.

Anyway, Mark started looking for another money source to fund his addiction. As he was a handsome and smart man, he decided to take advantage of his charm and good looks. He noticed that numerous single women who came to the casino would stare at him and some of them even made a move on him. Thus, he decided to try his luck with them.

His plan was to target widowed women who came from an upper class background. Sometimes he would compromise and set his sights on divorced women. He would always do some research on the women he wanted to be involved with. They had to have a lot of money, and he made sure they were living by themselves.

After he earned their trust and became a fixture in their house, he would hack into their bank accounts and credit cards and steal money from them. Then he would disappear. It usually took some time until the women found out what happened. Yet, they couldn’t contact him about the unexplained credit card charges and cash withdrawals from their bank accounts.

Mark would always date a few women at the same time. However, the money he stole from these poor women wasn’t enough to cover his gambling debts. So he started stealing money from his company as well. Mark was a very smart man but not smart enough to completely cover his tracks. 

A short time after he started stealing money, two employees he worked with found some financial irregularities when they were reviewing the records. They knew Mark had a big gambling problem and came to him with proof he was embezzling money from the company. They told him he either paid them to keep quiet about the theft or they would call the police and report what they found. At first, Mark denied he’d done anything wrong but he knew they had too much evidence against him. As a result, he agreed to their terms………..


To Be Continued………….


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