Evidence That Can Kill You…..


Once you post something on social media, you can’t take it back or delete it. It is the same idea when you put a video of someone online. In addition, you don’t know how they would react if they see it online or if they see you taking a video or picture of them.

I heard a sad story recently about a couple who went to see an apartment for rent and it ended in tragedy. On their way back, they were waiting at a crosswalk for a green light to cross the street. When the light changed to green a motorcycle suddenly came out of nowhere, drove through a red light, and almost hit them.

The woman managed to take a picture of the driver driving against the red light. When the driver realized she took a picture of him, he drove back and blocked her path while she was crossing the street. He stopped her and said, “give me the picture.” What he meant was, give me the cell phone. She said to him “it’s OK, I’ll delete the photo.” But the driver insisted she gives him the phone.

Her husband walked towards his wife who was still blocked by the motorcycle. He asked the driver to leave them alone and go on his way. The driver quickly reached into his bag and pulled out something sharp. He suddenly stabbed the man in his chest and drove away. The husband didn’t realize he had been stabbed. He managed to walk a few steps and told his wife he wasn’t feeling well. He then collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance where he was pronounced dead.

The driver of the motorcycle was identified shortly afterward and was well-known to the local police as a criminal. He took the life of another person simply because someone took a picture of him. As it turns out, the picture was blurry and unclear. It goes without saying that the wife was in shock after the event.

When she was asked what she would have done with the picture, she said she wasn’t sure, maybe she would have posted it online, or maybe send it to the police. Unfortunately, she didn’t know she was taking a photo of a psychopath. What normal person would behave the way he did?! I get angry just writing about what happened. I hope this scum will sit in jail for the rest of his life……

Here’s another story that recently took place. Lori picked up 3 of her children and was driving home. Her 12 year old daughter was sitting next to her and decided to take a video on her phone of the drive home. But the daughter didn’t think she would be a witness to acts of violence committed against her family while driving home.

While her mother was driving, another driver came out of nowhere and was driving much faster than the speed limit. He cut her off without signaling and was so close to their car that Lori had to slam on the brakes to prevent an accident. The young girl kept taking the video and then the aggressive driver realized he was being recorded. He unexpectedly stopped his car and blocked them.

He then got out of his car with his baseball bat in his hands. He walked towards their car and started hitting it with his bat and was shouting like a crazy person. He kept screaming “how dare you video me.” The kids sitting in the backseat were screaming and crying and their mother was in shock. Lori tried to call the police but her hands were shaking too much and she was unable to make the call. Her daughter kept videoing the guy even though she was also scared and shaking.

Fortunately, another driver who was just passing by was brave enough to stop his car, get out of it, and tried to help them. He asked the violent man to leave the family alone and drive away. At that time, the violent man had already caused thousands of dollars of damage to the car and started hitting the windshield. He cracked the windshield and caused the family to panic.

He suddenly stopped hitting the car and walked towards the other driver. However, the Good Samaritan had a gun in his car which he had a license for. He quickly took it out but didn’t point it at the aggressive driver. When the violent man saw the gun, he got scared, ran back to his car, and drove away.

Lori couldn’t continue driving after the incident. She called the police and reported what happened. She also gave them a description of the vehicle the violent man was driving as well as the license plate number. The police located the man a few hours later and arrested him.

Lori registered a formal complaint against him with the police and the video her daughter took was used as evidence against him. His lawyer said that had the daughter not taken a video of his client, none of this would have happened. He said it was an invasion of his privacy and that what she did was illegal. Nevertheless, there are cameras throughout most cities and on highways too. But in this case, the cameras closest to the scene did not work and weren’t recording at the time.

On the one hand, it’s good that the girl took a video and recorded the entire episode. But on the other hand, had she not taken this random video maybe the whole thing wouldn’t have happened.   However, although the family went through a very traumatic experience, thank God they weren’t physically hurt. Their car can be repaired, which the insurance company will take care of.

In conclusion, you never know for sure who you are dealing with and one needs to be careful………


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