When Luck Runs Out…. Part – 3 Fiction


Eddy and Dylan were very disappointed with the heads of purchasing attitude. They thought they were condescending and unprofessional. Dylan felt that he let Eddy down, especially after the effort Eddy made to improve the device. At some point, he even thought he wasn’t the right person to market the product.

Dylan decided to speak with Eddy and suggest they hire a professional marketer. But before he went to see Eddy he had to take his car to the garage for an oil change. The owner of the garage Albert wasn’t just the mechanic who took care of all the family’s cars, he was also their neighbor for many years. Dylan grew up with Albert’s children and they always treated him as if he was a part of their family.

Nevertheless, when Dylan arrived at the garage, Albert could tell there was something bothering him. Since there were alone at the time, he asked him to spit it out. At first, Dylan didn’t want to say anything. And then he decided to get things off his chest. He told Albert about the device and the meetings he had with the stores. He also mentioned his father’s poor behavior towards his partner, which deeply embarrassed him. Albert felt sorry for Dylan and wished to help him.

In addition to the garage, Albert owned a car parts store that sold everything you needed for your car. Thus, he suggested that he would take a few dozen of Dylan’s devices and try to sell them at his store. Albert caught Dylan off guard but he really appreciated the offer. Although Albert’s store wasn’t nearly as large as the big box stores, he thought it was a good idea to try this out before he spoke with Eddy.

Dylan didn’t believe that Albert would be able to sell any child protectors. As a result, he didn’t say anything to Eddy about it. However, he was very surprised when Albert called him a few days later asking for more. Apparently, he had sold every one of them in no time. Albert said that one of his customers is the principal of a local school. The principal brought in his car for its annual checkup and Albert thought he should mention the device to him.

Anyway, the man decided to buy a few child detectors and told Albert he would try them out on one of the school buses. If they worked out, he would come back and buy more. A couple of days later, Albert came to his store and the principal was waiting for him to open. The principal told him that the device saved a young student who didn’t get off the bus and instead fell asleep under a seat.

The driver was sure all of the students had left the bus and that it was empty.  When the driver got off the bus and tried to lock the doors, the device suddenly started ringing and it wouldn’t allow the doors to be locked. The boy who was sleeping in the back seat woke up in a panic from the noise and ran to the door. The driver was surprised to see there was a child left behind. He comforted him and took him home once he calmed down.

The driver came to the principal’s office the next day and told him what happened and said the device may have saved the boy’s life. He recommended the device be installed on all of the other buses to prevent the situation from occurring again. The principal decided to take his advice and buy child detectors for all of the buses at his school.

However, Albert didn’t have enough available for him and he called Dylan to ask him for more. Dylan practically fell out of his chair when he heard the news and immediately called Eddy to update him. The news about the effectiveness of the child detector device spread like wildfire throughout Halifax, the province of Nova Scotia, and then the rest of Canada.

There was so much demand for the device that they couldn’t keep up with all the new orders. Dylan, who was working for his father, quit his job. He and Eddy hired several employees and their business took off like a rocket. They became millionaires in a short time and they provided livelihoods for many people. Their device was sold not only in Canada but all around the world.

While the investors were thrilled at the success of the child protectors, Dylan’s father had to “eat his hat.” Eddy bought his parents the house of their dreams. He also helped his siblings, and some of them even worked for him.

Eddy was very generous and donated money to many people who approached him and asked for his help. He also established a soup kitchen in Halifax where people could drop in and get a free hot meal. He stayed modest and never forgot where he came from. Dylan used to tell him he was too generous. He would give money to anyone who needed help. And Eddy would say that he remembered what it was like growing up when his family couldn’t afford to buy basic necessities.

Eddy believed in the saying those who give to others without expecting anything in return, will not want for anything in their lives. Well… although he was very smart, he still was young and a bit naive…..

To Be Continued……………


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