When Luck Runs Out…. Part – 4 Fiction


When he was 24 years old, Eddy had almost everything anyone could dream of. Although he achieved his goal sooner than he expected, there was still one thing that bothered him. He felt lonely. While Dylan had a very active social life and every few months he was dating a new woman, Eddy had none. He was pursued by many women but he was very shy. He was also afraid that these women were more interested in his money and not in him.

Eddy’s parents were concerned about his lack of a social life. They didn’t like the fact that he was working all the time. At some point, they thought maybe he wasn’t interested in women and wasn’t comfortable talking with them about it.

Anyway, Eddy had many clients and over the years he developed close relationships with some of them. They would invite him to their family gatherings such as weddings and bar mitzvahs, etc. Eddy didn’t like parties at all so, he would typically go to each event for a few minutes out of respect for his client.

However, he had one client in Montreal Alain, who he really liked, and had a special relationship with. Alain was one of his first clients. He owns several car dealerships and he purchased the child protection device which he installed in every car he sold. As a result, Alain’s business gave a big boost to Eddy’s business when he was just starting out. Therefore, when Alain’s family made a surprise birthday party for him, Eddy flew by himself to Montreal to attend the event. Dylan was also invited but could not make it.

Eddy knew all of Alain’s senior employees and sat with them when he arrived at the party. One of the group introduced him to Natalie, their new corporate lawyer who had recently started working at the company. Natalie was a very bright person and was two years older than Eddy. She was impressed with Eddy from the moment she saw him. She thought he was quite young, and yet a very wise person. As she was single she thought to herself, he is going to be the one for me.

Nevertheless, Alain opened up a new dealership in Halifax and Natalie was supposed to transfer there. Natalie was Alain’s wife’s niece. She had an impressive resume despite her young age. In addition to being an excellent student, Natalie worked at a few prestigious law firms in New York. Therefore when she returned home to Montreal, Alain recruited her to work at his company right away.

Anyhow, when Alain suggested she would move to Halifax and be the head of the legal department there, Natalie was happy with the promotion. Yet, she was not happy about leaving her family and friends behind. All this changed when she saw Eddy. Suddenly she felt energized and enthusiastic about the transfer. She also felt he would be a challenge for her as he was introverted and shy and she would have to take the initiative with him.

A few weeks later Natalie came to Halifax to look for an apartment. She came with her mother as she did not want to go by herself. Her mother had a good friend from university who moved to Halifax after getting married to a local man. And she saw an opportunity to visit her dear friend who she had not seen for a long time. Margaret was also very curious about the guy her daughter didn’t stop talking about. She never saw Natalie so enthusiastic about any man she had a crush on before.

As much as she wanted to see Eddy, Natalie did not want to appear too eager so she decided not to call him the day she arrived. She waited two days before connecting with him. When she finally called him, she invited him to have dinner with her and her mother.

She told Eddy that her mother is an executive on the Montreal school board and she takes an active interest in anything that affects the health and safety of the students. She added that her mother would be very interested in hearing about his device. Margaret was in the room while Natalie was speaking with Eddy. She almost choked when she heard what her daughter said to him, as she had never discussed this with her before. The two of them had a good laugh together once Natalie was off the phone.

Eddy was not interested in meeting Natalie or her mother for that matter, not even to do business together. He tried to explain to her that she should speak with his partner Dylan about buying the device as this was his field. But she told him that her mother was specifically referred to him by her brother-in-law Alain and she would like to meet him.

Eddy knew that Natalie was playing games as her uncle Alain knew exactly who was dealing with sales in his company. He didn’t like it as he thought Natalie was being too pushy. But unfortunately, he didn’t have any choice, at least for her uncle’s sake……….

To Be Continued…………..


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