When Luck Runs Out… Part – 6 Fiction


Anna moved to Halifax recently after receiving the job offer from Victoria General Hospital. She did not have family in the area and barely had any friends as well. She shared an apartment with two younger doctors not too far from the hospital. But unfortunately, they didn’t see each other much because they worked in shifts. Anna felt pretty lonely since she moved to Halifax, especially on the weekends. She missed her sister and her Mom who she was very close to. Thus, she would talk to them on the phone almost every day.

When Anna saw Angela and Bruno at the hospital she recognized them right away. She remembered having a crush on their son Eddy as a young girl. She also remembered that he never paid attention to her. Anna read every article that was published about him when he came out with the child detector. She hoped that one day she would bump into him when she moved back to Halifax. Furthermore, she wished that he would be single and available for her when they met again.

Eddy’s mother really liked Anna when she was a child and liked her even more as an adult. So when Bruno was released from the hospital, Angela decided to invite her for dinner on the weekend. Of course, she made sure that her son Eddie would attend too. She thought that something might develop between the two of them and that her son needed a little push to make it happen. Anna was more than happy to accept Angela’s invitation. And Eddy thought it was very nice of his mother to invite Anna since she had no family in Halifax.

However, Natalie continued to come on to Eddy. But he kept coming up with excuses why he couldn’t meet with her. Natalie wasn’t stupid, she knew very well that Eddy wasn’t interested in her. But every time he came up with an excuse, it only made her more determined to continue pursuing him.

Anna was excited to attend the dinner and she couldn’t decide what to wear. She wanted to look good that evening, but she didn’t want it to seem as though she was trying too hard to impress everyone. After giving it some thought, she decided to wear a simple black dress that flattered her figure. She barely put on any makeup but added earrings and a necklace to her outfit.

She bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Angela on her way to dinner. Anna called Angela earlier that day to ask if there was something she could cook or bake for the dinner. Angela thanked her for the kind offer and said she doesn’t need to bring anything, as everything was taken care of. Then she added that all Anna had to do is to show up at their house at 7 pm.

The food was delicious and the atmosphere was excellent.  Angela invited 2 of her daughters besides Eddy. Anna couldn’t remember the last time she enjoyed both the food and the company at the same event. At some point, the others left Eddy and Anna sitting by themselves in the living room.

After talking in the living room for a while, Eddy took Anna to sit outside on the balcony where they had a view of the ocean. And then he told her how beautiful she looked. Fortunately, it was dark outside and Eddy couldn’t see she was blushing. This was the first time that Eddy gave such a compliment to a woman.

Anyway, the two of them sat and talked long into the night, without paying attention that it was so late. Luckily for her, Anna didn’t have to work the next day. They exchanged telephone numbers at the end of the evening. Anna was so excited about the evening that she couldn’t sleep.

Within a short time, Anna became a permanent guest in Bruno and Angela’s home. Angela made sure to invite Anna for dinner quite often, especially on weekends. In addition, Angela would pack up food for her to take home for the rest of the week. Anna really appreciated this gesture as she was so busy at work that she didn’t have time to cook for herself. As a result, she would eat junk food much too often.

Angela used to cook a large amount of food for her family which numbered seven people. Even after her children left home, she still cooked the same amount of food and would have it delivered to them. Angela was a very warm mother who took Anna under her wing. And for that Anna felt very blessed. However, to Angela’s delight, the relationship between Anna and Eddy slowly warmed up. Angela saw this coming but didn’t want to interfere and instead waited for her son to update her.

Nevertheless, a few weeks after he met Anna, Eddy had to go to Los Angeles on business. He hadn’t taken a vacation for a long time and decided to combine business and pleasure. He wanted to stay in LA for another week, to relax and go to some museums that he always wanted to visit. But he didn’t wish to do it by himself and thought to himself it was time to move forward with his relationship with Anna. Therefore, he invited her to join him in LA……..

To Be Continued………….


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