The Sailor’s Wife – Part – 2 Fiction


Going back out to sea after his daughters were born was even harder now for Jerry as he missed them terribly. However, two years later he and Mary Anne welcomed a baby boy. This time he had the opportunity to be present at the birth of their son, which was a joyful event for him. He stayed home for two months after the birth and enjoyed every minute with his precious family.

Mary Anne’s parents moved closer to their daughter after their grandchildren were born and helped a lot with the kids. As a result, the couple had more quality time together. Even after they became parents, Mary Anne and Jerry felt as though they were on their honeymoon every minute they were together.

Jerry loved his wife very much and was very loyal to her while the other sailors were fooling around with other women behind their wife’s backs. Some of them even had children out of wedlock. On the other hand, Jerry only wanted to be with his wife and no one else.

However, when the children were young, Mary Anne’s hands were full and she was busy from morning until late at night. She worked as a part time teacher and didn’t have time to socialize as she was dedicated to her children. Mary Anne always counted the days until Jerry would return from the sea. She would prepare his favorite dishes for him a few days before he was scheduled to come home.

Over time, when the children grew up she started to feel lonely. Jerry felt bad for her and thought about resigning from his job and finding something on land. He even went on some interviews during his vacations but he couldn’t find anything that he liked. A few months before their 30th anniversary, Jerry decided he had enough and would resign shortly whether he found a new job or not.

He had already spoken with his employer about leaving and thought he would tell Mary Anne the news on their anniversary which was two weeks later. Their children made a surprise party for them on their anniversary. In addition, they bought them plane tickets to Paris. The party was a joyous occasion for everyone. It was even better when Mary Anne found out her husband wasn’t going out to sea anymore. They flew to Paris after the party, which was something they never did before. Their children arranged and paid for everything. Jerry and Mary Anne had an amazing time together.

Jerry started looking for a new job as soon as they returned home. While looking for a job, his ex-employer called and asked if he would agree to return to work for two months as one of the crew got sick and was unable to work. The employer told him he would give him a substantial bonus if he would agree to his request. Jerry said he couldn’t give him an answer until he spoke with his wife about it.

Mary Anne didn’t like the idea of him going out to sea again. But Jerry assured her this was the last time he would do it and besides, there was a lot of money at stake. His employer offered to double his salary for the two months he would be away. Jerry also reminded her that their daughter was getting married after Christmas and the extra money would come in handy. At the end of their conversation, Mary Anne finally acquiesced and agreed with Jerry’s decision to accept the offer.

A few days later, Jerry left for his assignment. Mary Anne felt that time was dragging along too slowly while he was away. He was supposed to return the day before Christmas Eve and the whole family planned to celebrate the holiday together. Mary Anne woke up early the day he was scheduled to return, as she couldn’t sleep. She was very excited to see her husband. She went shopping and cooked all his favorite holiday dishes and baked a special cake for his return. She also went to a beauty salon to have her hair and nails done. Then she went home and anxiously awaited his arrival.

Nevertheless, the weather outside was quite bad and she began to worry when he didn’t arrive home that evening. She tried to reach some of his colleagues from the ship but nobody answered their phone. At 8 am the next morning, somebody knocked on her front door. When she opened the door, she saw Jerry’s employer along with a police officer.

Mary Anne froze the moment she saw them. She let them in and they told her there was a bad storm the day before at sea. Jerry and a colleague of his went up on deck and were washed overboard. The poor weather didn’t allow for a thorough search and both men were presumed drowned.

Rumors about Jerry’s disappearance spread like wildfire. An enormous number of people came to the house to console Marry Anne and her children. Many of them brought food, and some even helped with the household chores. In short, all of their needs were looked after.

Jerry’s colleague’s body was found by the Coast Guard five days after the accident. Although the chances of Jerry being found alive were slim to none, Mary Anne held out hope for a miracle. Every time the front door opened her heart skipped a beat, as though he would walk into the house any minute……….

To Be Continued………………..


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