The Price Of Love – Part – 5 Fiction


Guy was gloomy for days after his conversation with Don. When Lucy asked him what was wrong, he gave her all kinds of excuses as he could not face the truth.

Don tried to reach Guy the day after he confessed to him. But Guy ignored him and refused to take his calls. He was angry and hurt and wanted to be left alone. Guy could barely work for days because he couldn’t concentrate, and couldn’t stop thinking about what Don had told him. He was debating with himself about what to do and couldn’t make up his mind.

Unfortunately, Guy had no one to talk to as he did not want to involve his parents or his children for that matter. He also knew that if he raised the issue of Lucy’s past with her, this would be the end of their relationship and this was the last thing he wanted. Lucy was the best thing that happened to him in years. He finally found happiness and didn’t want it to get away from him.

Lucy did not know what Guy was going through. After attempting several times to coax him to talk, she decided to give him some space. She told him she would stay at her place for a while and would be there for him when he wanted to talk. It didn’t occur to her that she was the reason for his behavior.

Guy was relieved to hear he would have some time alone. A few days later he made a decision to completely ignore what Don had told him. He would not discuss it with Lucy and would move on with his life as if nothing happened. A few weeks later on Lucy’s birthday, Guy proposed to her and she said yes. They decided their marriage would take place three months later during the university summer break.

One day Lucy told Guy she needed to urgently fly to England as her mother wasn’t well and needed to have surgery. Guy was very disappointed because he wanted to join her. But he couldn’t since it was one of the busiest periods at work. He said he would like to be at her side to support her as well as to meet her mother, but the circumstances wouldn’t allow it. Lucy was touched by his words and said she’d be back before he knew it.

Two days after Lucy left Guy had an unexpected visit from the police. They asked about Lucy and said they had a search warrant. Guy was stunned, and demanded to know what this was all about. The police wouldn’t tell him why they were there or what they were looking for. Thus, he told them he knew his rights and wanted to speak with a lawyer before they touched anything inside his house. The police ignored him, brushed him aside as they entered his house, and began their search.

Guy tried to call Lucy but she didn’t answer her phone. He didn’t know what to do so he called Don’s brother Michael who was a brilliant criminal lawyer. Michael told him he was out of town but would be back the next day. He added he would find out what the police wanted from him, and what the search was all about.

Guy’s house looked like a war zone when the officers finished their work. They took all of the computers in the house. It didn’t matter how much he tried to convince them he needed the computers for his work. But the police wouldn’t listen to him and took them away. They stated he should be prepared to come to their station for questioning.

Guy was exhausted after they left. He kept calling Lucy but she didn’t answer his calls. Michael called half an hour later and told him Lucy was accused of trafficking women……. Guy almost collapsed when he heard what his attorney had to say. He kept saying “this can’t be, there must be some kind of mistake here.” Michael said the police arrested Lucy’s partner whose name was Alfred. The Toronto police had already contacted Scotland Yard in the UK asking for Lucy to be arrested. Michael added that the situation was very serious and the police had a lot of evidence against her.

Over the next few weeks, Guy felt as though he was living in a nightmare. He was repeatedly questioned by the police who refused to believe that he didn’t know anything about his fiance’s occupation. The police were also certain that Guy was lying when he told them Lucy went to visit her Mom in London England.

They were sure he was trying to protect her as their colleagues in London checked this information and said Lucy never arrived in the UK. When they visited her mother, they realized she was indeed ill. She was suffering from Alzheimer’s and was living in a special institution. They were told by the staff that most of the time Lucy’s mother could not recognize anybody.

Anyway, in addition to being investigated, the Toronto police tapped all of his phones. While Guy was being harassed by the police for something he didn’t do, Lucy was free as a bird and nobody knew where she was. Guy couldn’t work as the police wouldn’t release his computers. Besides, he was in a bad emotional state and could barely force himself to get out of bed in the morning………..

To Be Continued………….


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